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ALicia Wind

alicia is one of my closest friends :) we have shared many adventures.
thanks for everything you have given me lish :)
she is also on the board of our new company.

my favorite man


me and cri
cri and i have been through many ups and downs, but I have to thank her for one excellent best friend phase and for introducing me to electronic music and parties :) miss you hun
Bill saved me from boredom many times last semester by being my Boston Public/Gilmore Girls/Survivor partner :) he exudes generosity and kindness :) :)
my cobourg girls
samm and britt at one of our last sleepovers before I went away to uni :) miss you girls :)
rob and me
rob mcvestibule...helped to make me happy last semester..and introduced me to a life changing plant :)
me and matt b :)
thanks for putting up with a lot from me matt :) you made blockbuster fun and i will miss you!

dancing at wemf
at idance '00


DIckon and me pre-prom
thanks for always listening :)
sharlyn and matt sinclair
matt-thank you for all the late night msn conversations and tv marathons at your house this summer :) I am SO happy I got a chance to know YOU better, you are a very special guy

shar-thanks for all the crazy high school times! we need to catch up