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Cri and I at Serenity-Mohawk Invasion

James and I - halloween 04

from a Tibetan Buddhist Festival

Johane and I at Hardcore Meltdown

me and alicia at rev

firegirl :)

me and cri pre-atm-reunion

me trying to sleep at hardcore meltdown

Duncan at wemf 04

pete spinning at hardcore meltdown

dj morgan 416-energy nation

cri, me, johane hulla 11/01


alicia dancing

andrew spinning at rev, 04

nubbie and i on the patio

goa tent wemf 01

ian/dj soundstream

jay/futronic and me at atm

Mark EG

pete and i at atm



pile of kittys

cri and i before serenity-midsummer night's dream

ian and I at tiesto, feb. 01

me, alicia, cri - rev, 02

nuera at rev 4/16/04

matt sinclair and i '98