Civilization is the process of setting man free from men -Ayn Rand
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about me...well, a few years ago I began to feel that I was starting to figure my life out, discover who I am and who I want to be. I have always been concerned with making a difference and doing something "important" with my life. At the same time I have been very lazy and apathetic about actually doing anything about the problems I see with our world system. Recently I have decided that I don't need to keep waiting to finish school to get a job to help the world, I should be doing something NOW to make a difference. I really want to educate people about the issues that I think are important, and that is what this website is mostly about.

Strange coincidences
A few years I experienced many things that led me to a feeling of increased awareness.

A friend of mine, Johane, lent me the book "Cunt-a declaration of indepence" by Inga Muscio. For the first time in my life I really felt a connection with all other women. I understood things about myself I never had before. I felt empowered, and confident as a woman.

One night just over a year ago I came home from work to find that another friend, Nick, had blown up 50 balloons in my apartment and on my balconey. He had thought of an idea to combat the feeling I had been having of wanting to do more to participate in spreading some of the views I had been reading in alternative media sources. We wrote notes and tied one to each of the balloons and released them from the balconey for people to find. The notes said things that we wanted to share with others to make them stop and think for a moment. Quotes we liked (like "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and to be loved in return" from Moulin Rouge) or just general thoughts and suggestions like "forgive someone today. yourself?" or "follow your dreams" or "tell those you love that you do while you have the chance".

Another thing that altered my entire perspective recently was a book called God's Debris by Scott Adams. Thanks to another good friend of mine (thanks Matt!) I read this "thought experiment" and started to question my life and all reality in ways that I haven't in several years. READ THIS BOOK! I highly recommend it! One concept proposed in this book is that once people open their eyes to all the endless possibilites available to them in their life, once they reach new levels of awareness, they are capable of taking advantage of those possibilities and coincidences.  This theme is also raised in the film What the bleep do we know? which I found highly interesting (at times), and very odd (at others).

I watched the movie "Waking Life". It again questioned many of my ideas about reality.
Everyone I talked to seemed to contribute to my new outlook. As if each of their specific talents had something to offer.
I started trying to live following my instincts and innermost desires.
I started to realize that once you are willing to release yourself from your fears and self doubts and inhibitions, you start to reach your dreams because you are finally willing to see all the opportunities and wonders of everyday.

What this site's really about
Now that I have you somewhat up to date, I want to talk more about all the other things that have influenced me recently. I have started to really embrace music again, and all forms of media. I have opened myself to so much more and encountered many new ideas. I have learned many interesting things in my classes and daily life. I want to share all of this with others. I want to promote knowledge and open-mindedness and curiosity. That is the purpose of this website. Yes, of course I want to share information about me and my opinions and life, but this site will feature more about opinions and ideas than about ME. I also want to add any contributions that anyone else might have, your opinions and a way of promoting and furthering this rising human awareness.

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